Cell Phone Power Bank and Survival Multi Tool: Includes Folding Pocket Knife, 400 Lumen Flashlight and Portable Power Charger for USB Devices like iPhone or Android; NEBO 6715 PaL Plus Utility Tool

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Since you are looking at the NEBO PaL Plus Utility Multi-Tool we are going to assume that you are searching for a common sense everyday day carry (EDC) tool that could be used in different situations and be used for different purposes. You can easily buy a power bank, flashlight and pocket knife separately. However, when you carry them I would be willing bet that they are carried and stored in a less than organized fashion. The compact design of the PaL Plus allows you to easily carry three essential tools that a lot people use every day. The power bank that is centered on this combination is great when it comes to charging your Android phone and/or your iPhone as well as other USB devices. The flashlight produces a magnificent 400 lumens on both high and strobe mode while shining all the way out to 167 meters. You get the same great NEBO quality light that you get in all of our other products. FYI, you do not need to buy batteries for the light since it is fully rechargeable. The 3 inch serrated edge blade comes in handy for everyday situations. The knife blade locks open via a frame lock for safe use. To close, simply depress the frame lock and safely close the blade. Just in case you do not need a knife, or it is not allowed, in a certain situation or in a certain location, you can remove the blade by taking out 1 screw. This allows you to carry the flashlight and portable power charger when you are traveling. Let us not forget that the PaL Plus is water and impact resistant. I would like to ask you to not drop the PaL Plus or submerge it for fun. The PaL Plus works fantastic for every day carry, camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, traveling, and home use. This tool will not turn you into a survival expert like Bear Grylls or McGyver, but it will give the power of light, a solid pocket knife, and the ability to recharge you USB devices in a compact easy to carry multi-tool.
  • PORTABLE CELL PHONE CHARGER: The NEBO 6715 PaL Plus Utility Tool serves as a 2200 mAh power bank; this amazing feature allows you to recharge your Android, iPhone and other USB rechargeable devices; if you have ever found yourself with a dead phone, it can feel pretty helpless; you can avoid that all together with this tool in your pocket, purse or briefcase; charge it via the micro USB port overnight, and you will have back up power ready to go throughout the day
  • FOLDING EDC POCKET KNIFE: the PaL Plus Utility Tool has a 420 stainless steel folding knife with a 3 inch serrated blade that locks when it is open via a frame lock; the knife is quick and easy to access with you thumb via the cutout in the blade; if you are traveling and are not able to have a pocket knife with you, do not worry because the blade can be removed allowing you to carry just the light and power bank
  • 400 LUMEN FLASHLIGHT: the NEBO PaL Plus includes a super bright led with 3 operational modes; high provides you with 400 lumens and shines for 2.3 hours out to 167 meters; low mode provides you with 40 lumens and shines for 40 13 hours out to 57 meters; strobe mode provides you with 400 lumens and shines for 2.5 hours out 167 meters; this is operated with a side positioned ON/OFF button
  • COMPACT DESIGN: the PaL Plus offer you 3 everyday use tools in a compact design that conveniently fits pocket, purse or briefcase; the NEBO 6715 PaL Plus Utility Tool is sturdy, safe and made from high quality anodized aluminum; it has the a removable serrated blade and 400 lumen flashlight with a power bank for USB powered devices; PaL Plus also has a built in charging indicator so you know when it is ready to go
  • THE NEBO PaL Plus IS A MUST HAVE: the NEBO PaL Plus may give you a confidence boost that you never knew you needed; just knowing that if your cell phone dies, the sun goes down and you need to cut something open, you are 100 percent covered with this combination; we can only image what McGyver would have been able to accomplish with a tool like this; search the internet for old episodes if you don’t know who that is