Nebo Big Larry 2 Handheld Work Light Flashlight 500 Lumen LED Magnetic Base Top Light bundle with a Nebo Holster

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Nebo Big Larry 2 Worklight Flashlight bundle with Big Larry Holster and a Lumintrail Keychain Light

The BIG Larry 2 outputs 500 lumens with the COB work light and 200 lumens from the top flashlight.  The red COB light is perfect for distress signaling or roadside emergencies. The steel clip and magnetic base provide convenient hands-free lighting options.

4 LIGHT MODES Top light (200 lumens) - 8 hours / 75 meters Work light (500 lumens) - 2.5 hours / 31 meters Red light (40 lumens) - 20 hours / 7 meters Red hazard flasher - 40 hours / 7 meters

DESIGN Fully dimmable Direct-to-Red Feature Memory Power Setting Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum;  water and impact-resistant Steel belt/pocket clip Powerful magnetic base

OPERATION Top-positioned, ON/OFF button

BATTERIES Powered by 3 AA batteries (included)

SPECS 0.45 lbs. (H) 7.75” x (W) 0.98” x (D) 1.25”


Big Larry 2

Gift Box

Big Larry Holster

Lumintrail Keychainlight

3 AA Batteries
  • 500 Lumen LED Work Light and 200 Lumen Top Light
  • Sleek design with a Magnetic Base and Steel Clip for hands-free lighting options during any task
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum that is both water and impact-resistant
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries (included)
  • Bundle includes a Nebo Big Larry Holster and Lumintrail Keychain Light